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I have been an active forum and message board user for a long time.  When I was younger I enjoyed talking about music at the guitar.com message boards (back in the late 1900s), and more recently, after I got an interest in modern Christian apologetics, I began participating at William Lane Craig’s Reasonable Faith forums. However, evangelical Christian apologetics, for some reason, always tended to rub me the wrong way.  Partially because Mormons are seen there as “the enemy” and sometimes even Satanic or occult.  The other part is just that Kalam-style arguments don’t resonate with me much, despite being interesting and in my opinion worth knowing about.

Instead, it was really classical theism that resonated with me the most, and as such, I have been reading a lot about it (hence this blog).  However, I noticed that when I had a question about it, I never really could find a place to ask.  The Reasonable Faith crowd, while generally respectful, doesn’t really get into classical theism as it is defined by Aquinas and Aristotle.  I could go on one of Edward Feser’s blog posts and ask a question in the comments (getting the conversation off-track, or being ignored), or I could maybe go on the Philosophy Forums website (where it would be flooded with nonsense from every philosophy possible), or I could go on the Catholic philosophy forums, which was probably the best, but still full of people having conversations that are non-technical and watered down.  There are plenty of individual Thomist and classical theist bloggers, however, and so I had an idea.  Why not try to get all these Thomists and classical theists together?  Then I could ask my questions and try to generate a discussion somewhat analogous to the Reasonable Faith forums.

I have created a test forum to try out my new idea.  Click HERE to go there.  I’ll also put a link to the forum in the “forum” tab at the top of my home page.  I am open to feedback, if anyone shows up to see it.  We could adjust the categories and names of the individual boards, and make rules as we need to.  I’m interested in psychology and hylemorphic dualism, so I may create categories for those discussions too.  If you have an idea, let me know!